Electric car parking at Nordby köpcenter, an update/rectification

A couple of months ago I was a bit negative about the dedicated parking spots for electric cars at Nordby köpcenter (a huge shopping center in Sweden, just across the border from Norway and very popular by Norwegians).

Two things have changed since then (one perhaps related to the other):

  • * Nordby is no longer parking their own (non-electric) vehicles in this area.
  • * The spots have become popular!

Earlier today, when we were there, no less than 4 Nissan LEAF’s were squeezed into the area meant for 3 cars. (The 4th LEAF obviously wasn’t charging since there are only 3 230V outlets available).

I’m posting this update here in the hope that the people at Nordby (and other shops, public venues, etc) see how popular the electric cars have become in such a short time and that they perhaps even add a few more parking/charging spots. 😎

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