Finally some justice / common sense…

Here’s the case:
Last year Thomas Nodland, who was 20, lost his driver’s licence because of ‘lack of sobriety’. There are of course lots of people who (rightfully!) lose their license each year because of mixing alcohol and driving.
However… Thomas had not been stopped for drunk driving. His license had been taken from him because his neighbour had complained repeatedly about loud music & partying. Also had Thomas been spotted under the influence of alcohol in town (Egersund) more than once, always on Friday or Saturday evening).
This alone was enough for him to lose his driver’s license, as decided by Dalane district court.

As his lawyer stated: ‘The man has never been sentenced for anything. He has never driven under the influence, or been stopped at a speed trap. He’s also full-time employed and needs his driver’s license for his job.’

Luckily for Thomas (and for justice/common sense!) the court decision has been overturned by the Gulating Court of Appeal.

More about this issue can be read here (original article about the case from last year) and here (case overturned).

Personally I think it’s a very good thing this case got rectified/overturned. It’s ridiculous someone should lose their driver’s license ‘in advance’, just because the Police/the court think you may one day in the future be driving drunk.
Nothing wrong with crime prevention, but this was just a bit too much ‘1984‘ in my opinion…

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