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It was long overdue, but I now finally got around to refurbishing my Notgeld site. This project, which I started back in 2003, has been running on software provided by the Gallery Project.
Now that the Gallery Project is close to releasing version 3 of their excellent photo/image gallery I decided the time was right to implement this on my Notgeld site. Upgrading from 2->3 did not go 100% automatic, but now is all version 3. 😎
With help of a GPS-plugin I even hope to plot the locations of the various towns which issued the bills on the (Google) map.

I don’t think this project will ever be 100% finished, but I certainly hope to resume bank note scanning in the near future and expand the collection.

For those among you who wonder what Notgeld was:

During the early 20th century special money was given out in Germany and Austria to cater for economic crisis situations. This money was not, as normally, issued by the central bank (Reichsbank), but by various other institutions, e.g. banks, municipalities, private and state-owned firms. It was therefore not a legal tender but rather a mutually accepted means of payment.

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