Store Tune Gård – day 1

Jacob & Ida KjernsbækToday was a big day for Jacob: His very first day at barnehage (Kindergarten) – Store Tune Gård. Since Marianne was off to work with the car, I walked with Jacob to Store Tune Gård. Since it was sunny & warm I was kinda overheating upon arrival and was glad we started inside. 🙂
We were met by his ‘teacher’ (I am not sure what the correct title/name is), Ida. After a few minutes of playing shy, Jacob quickly bonded with his charming teacher and the rest of the day she and I followed Jacob all over the place while he was enjoying himself immensely with playing, alone and with the other children there.
I know one can’t really get a good impression of a place and its employees in just one day, but my first impression is definitely a good one! 🙂

Tomorrow Jacob will go there with his mammy, and I am sure she’ll agree with me that this is a good place for Jacob to spend 3 days in the week! 😎

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  1. Micha Designermode

    that sounds really nice. we also spent a year in norway and my daughter loved it!! the people in norwy – especially when it comes to education – are really nice and well organized. no crowded kindergardens or schools. i love norway! good luck for you and your family – enjoy it!

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