Grolsch = cool

Or should I say ‘Koel’? Starting summer 2009 Grolsch has introduced the new ‘Koel-meter’ on their beer cans in the Netherlands, using a recently developed Thermochromic ink. This temperature sensitive ink, which has been developed in partnership with Rexam, indicates when the beer inside has reached the perfect drinking temperature. The ink, which begins to change colour at 11°C, turns blue when the beer has reached the ideal drinking temperature (between 6° – 8° C).
The colour of the ink changes back to the original colour of white when the beer becomes warmer.

This beer is not cool...
This beer is not cool...

This beer is cool!
This beer is cool!

Grolsch is travelling through The Netherlands with its Cool service, which allows consumers to trade in their lukewarm can of beer – no matter what brand – for a cold can of Grolsch. This COOL offensive is part of Grolsch’s mission to make sure that everyone can enjoy quality beer anytime, anywhere.

All I can say is: ‘Keep up the good work, Grolsch!’ (and perhaps: ‘When will we see you guys here in Norway…?’) 😎


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