10 days to go…

Yes, the day is finally approaching on which yours truly will be taught how to pilot a automobile. Most teenagers here in Norway (as in most other countries) can hardly wait until they reach the minimum age to start with driving lessons, but somehow it has never really appealed to me… And until now I have managed fine without a car and/or driver’s license. The Netherlands has one of the best public transportation networks in the world, and even here in Norway it’s entirely possible to get around without a car of your own.
That is, if you don’t have too much stuff to take with you… And that is where the change is, of course. I still travel lightly, but little Jacob has a lot of stuff… next to impossible to transport him without our trusty Prius…
The Norwegian Yellow Pages gave me 3 viable options for a Trafikkskole in Sarpsborg:

  • Bob Trafikkskole
  • Claudius Trafikkskole
  • Mørk Trafikkskole
  • I decided to email all of them to find out whether it would be any problem that I (still!) only speak English (even though I understand spoken/written Norwegian without any problems).
    Well, I don’t know whether I used incorrect email addresses, or whether the fact that 2 out of 3 never replied was proof of that there would be language problems, but anyway… I ended up signing up with Claudius Trafikkskole. An additional advantage is that they are located just up the street from where I live! 🙂

    10 days from now, on January 21st 2009, history will be written… I will have my first (theory) lesson! 😉

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