Fredrikstad kino – below standard…

This evening I decided to get away from my 24/7 job for a couple of hours and catch a flick at the nearby Multiplex. I ended up at Fredrikstad Kino and would be watching X files: I want to believe. The ticket I had purchased online earlier today, so all I had to do was pick it up at the ticket office. This went quick and without any problems.
After finding the room where my movie would be playing, #5, I had some trouble locating my seat since the lights were dimmed quite a bit. Five minutes later the light level was increased a bit, so people who came in after me had it a bit easier.
7 pm: Before the movie, there were 2 trailers. This is where the mess started: the trailers were non-widescreen but stretched horizontally to fill the entire widescreen. This made the trailer for Hellboy II: the Golden army look kinda ridiculous.
After these warped trailers it was time for the main event: The X Files 2! However, when the movie started, the lights still had not been turned off…! Someone in the audience actually had to go find a employee (who in turn had to find another employee, because she had no idea how to do it…) to get the lights dimmed. Very, very unprofessional! 🙁
The movie itself was uneventful, as far as bloopers by Fredrikstad Kino concerned. It’s nice to see Alvin Nathaniel Joiner (aka Xzibit) wearing a suit for a change. Father Joseph Fitzpatrick CrissmanDr. Brackish OkunFather Joseph Fitzpatrick Crissman, the character played by Bill Connolly looked a lot like Dr. Brackish Okun, a character played by Brent Spiner in Independence Day.
The movie was quite difference from the original X Files episodes/movie: the most supernatural phenomenon in this movie was a psychic ex-priest…
Another little rambling: There was quite some Russian being spoken in the movie, but none of it was subtitled… Usually, you had some jest about the topic, but for non-Russians, subtitles would have been a great help. I wonder how this is done in other countries…?

After 105 minutes the movie was finished, and the credits started rolling over the screen. For 5 seconds… And then they turned off the movie and all that was left was a black screen… I know that most cinema visitors don’t give a hoot about the credits, but IMHO the cinema should at least let them play until the end…

In conclusion: My recommendation for the local people here in the area is to watch their next movie in another cinema, one where the employees know how the projector and the lights work, and where they have the decency to give credit where credit is due (in other words: let the movie roll until the end of the tape)!
This was definitely my last visit to Fredrikstad Kino 🙁

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  1. Seriously dude, you were just unlucky. Must have been a new employee who screwed up or something. I have never encountered any of the things you mentioned in any of my visits there over the years. Talked to a friend and he also said he added encountered any of those things either.

    Fredrikstad Kino is among the best cinema’s in Norway, and no cinema around Fredrikstad is anywhere near being better. People from neighbour cities come to Fredrikstad to watch movies at the cinema, and there are cinemas in those cities, and also there is extremely rare that someone goes to the cinemas in the neighbour cities.

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