Belgian Coffee?

Earlier this evening we enjoyed yet another great dinner at Big Horn in Sarpsborg, this time with Marianne’s parents. As usual, it was hard to decide which of the nice dishes to take, but I played it safe and took the 300 grammes (10.5 oz.) Mexican Pepper Steak, which I’ve had there twice before now.

After that delicious piece of cow, I decided to have a coffee for dessert. On the drinks menu, we had seen something called Belgisk Kaffe (Belgian Coffee). Neither Leif nor me could decide what constitutes a Belgian coffee, so we had already asked the waitress before we order the main dishes. She told us she didn’t know…
So when we ordered dessert we asked the waiter who took the orders. He told us that it was listed on the menu, but that they were never told what was in it, or how to prepare it!!
Well, that was a first for me… I ordered an Irish Coffee instead and decided there I would try to find out what this mystery drink contains. 😉

When I got home I used my usual tools (Google & the Wikipedia), but were unable to find a clear answer. (I did come across a liqueur called Elixir d’Anvers, but I doubt they sell much of that here in Norway…)
This left me only 1 choice…
So now I have emailed the Big Horn franchise, and I hope that they can shed a light on this mystery. 😉

Update (April 28th): Big Horn Sarpsborg wrote me the following this morning:

Hello Sir!

Thanks for visting our restaurant. I applogise that our waitress didn`t know the recipe.
Next time you visit us, I will make sure that they know how to make Belgisk Kaffe which includes conintreu, baileys and coffee of course.

Virender Gill

to which I replied with:


Thank you for your quick reply!

Just curious: Why is it called Belgian Coffee, if it’s made with French (Cointreau) & Irish (Baileys Irish Cream) liqueur?


To which they replied with:

Hello again.

That is a good curiosity 😉 I am sorry I don`t know….maybe there was someone from Belgium who found that recipe…….

Hmm… I don’t think so…! 😉

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