Getting a new laptop! :)

The powers that be, aka my CEO, has agreed my aging HP DV1045 laptop is indeed ready to be replaced. Don’t get me wrong, the DV1045 is still functioning fine, but its battery is not what it used to be… With power use, it croaks before 30 minutes have past… 🙁

The replacement unit will be a Lenovo 3000 V200 ultraportable. Tomorrow I will get my hands on this promising little toy-for-a-boy. It will come with Windows Vista Business (WVB) pre-installed, but when I have some spare time I will turn it into a dual-boot, adding Gentoo Linux to the system. B-)


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  • Well, Gentoo is in place now, and the laptop is now the best of both worlds: Windows Vista & Gentoo Linux! B-)

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