The best restaurant in town

It had been a while, but tonight we decided to check out a ‘new’ restaurant in town. The Big Horn franchise opened a restaurant in Sarpsborg last December, and we went there to check it out.

To keep a short story even shorter: Great service, even better food! Not cheap of course (even by Norwegian standards), but worth the price, in my opinion. I enjoyed a No. 28, a Mexican Pepper Steak, ca. 10,5 oz. Beef tenderloin with 3 kinds of pepper. Served with pepper sauce, sour cream, fried tomato and warm sweet corn.
Marianne had a No. 13, Entrecôte, ca. 5 oz. (she wasn’t that hungry, even though she’s supposed to eat for 2) 😉

Big Horn Sarpsborg is definitely a place I can recommend! As long as your wallet can handle it… Our dinner-for-two cost NOK 835 (US$ 156) for 2 people, with no alcoholic beverages. Quite steep…

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