Junior :-)

UltrasoundYes, it’s true! If all goes well, I’m gonna be a daddy next year! 🙂

There’s not much else I can say as of now, just that all is going according to schedule, and both mommy & ‘junior’ are in good health.

This is the ultrasound taken last wednesday.


6 Responses to “Junior :-)

  • Hello Evert! Just two days to go, or so before “Junior’s” arrival. Hope all is going well for both you and Marianne! Best wishes and keep me posted.


  • Ahh, such exciting news my friend!!! June babies are the BEST!!! I’ll expect to see lots of pictures of your little blessing!

    Sending you hugs and smiles always!

  • Hee. Gefeliciteerd. Ik neem aan dat het je eerste is?
    Ik heb inmiddels 3 jongens, en ik moet zeggen is echt geweldig.
    Succes met de kleine meulie!

  • Congratulations!! It’s a great news!!! much happyness to you and your GF!! 🙂

  • Gratulerer sÃ¥ mye! Det var moro!!

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