Brilliant move!

Some people just don’t give a hoot about others when in traffic. I experienced a good example of it this afternoon, and also the brilliant countermove of the bus driver…!

My bus had just switched drivers for its last stretch (the route is Oslo-Sarpsborg-Strömstad, with a driver-switch in Sarpsborg) and was about to enter the bus station in Sarpsborg. However… Some inconsiderate person had parked her SUV (illegally!) in the street with the engine running (also against the local laws!) & the kids still in it, probably to make a quick run into the shopping center next to the bus station. The way she had parked in the street allowed for normal cars to barely pass, but the bus was not able to do so.

The bus driver first honked the horn a couple of times, but that had no effect. Then he decided to get out for a talk with the driver. When he had reached the driver’s side of the SUV he noticed there was no one sitting behind the steering wheel and no adults in the car, just a bunch of kids… Well, what do you do in such a case…? Most people would just be annoyed and wait for the driver to show up, perhaps using their horn to encourage the car owner to hurry a bit.

Not this guy… He made a brilliant move: He pulled open the door on the driver’s side, got in, and drove the car around the corner (only about 10 meters away. Why the car owner didn’t park her SUV there in the first place beats me…)! Before anyone inside the car had even realized what just happened, he had gotten out of the car again and was back in the bus, now being able to pass. Brilliant move! I salute you! 🙂

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