One of the few things I miss from my year in the USA…

A drink called… Eggnog! It’s next to impossible to get a hold of the stuff here in Norway, but I finally managed at a huge grocery store in Sweden. There I found cans of Borden‘s Eggnog. They charge 3 times as much as the web store of Borden, but the taste is worth it! 🙂

The stuff tastes like pure Heaven, but is probably the most expensive non-alcoholic beverage available in that whole store…
(As you may or may not know, I spent a year (’89-’90) in the USA as a foreign exchange student with AFS.)

1 thought on “One of the few things I miss from my year in the USA…”

  1. Prices must have changed… I see they now charge a whopping 5x the price being charged at the Borden web store…! Pretty soon I simply can’t afford to buy it anymore… 🙁

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