Luxembourg – day 1

Our journey to Luxembourg was uneventful, and also my first flight in a plane that was turboprop-powered: the Fokker F50. And you can say what you want, but I liked that turboprop a lot better than the more ‘modern’ airplaines of nowadays. It might not go as fast/high as a jet aircraft, but for one thing it has a lot more leg space!

After touchdown at Luxembourg-Findel International Airport and collecting our luggage we found ourselves a taxi driver who could very well have been a reject of the Luxembourg air force, if only they had one… That guy sped us to our hotel in record time.

Hotel Reinsheim would be our place to stay. We teared the hotel owner away from watching Le Tour and got checked in quickly. We were a bit surprised when we followed him out to the front door, and were taken to an apartment across the street…

Turned out we got one of the studio’s of the hotel, for the price of a regular room! 🙂 But… the bad news was that, since this studio was not located in the same building as the rest of the hotel, there was no air conditioning! 🙁 Just a single floor fan… And, as we noticed soon enough, that is not enough with 30+°C (85+°F) in Luxembourg. Opening the windows all day was not much of a solution either, since Route d’Esch has moderate to heavy traffic 24/7. Anyhow… we decided to stay in the large room anyway…

[more to follow]

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