Amazon & Deutsche Post. a winning combo…? NOT!!

I’d just like to share my recent experiences of Amazon (US) & Deutsche Post with you all. Let this be a warning as well… :-/
On April 20th, 2005 we received a large box, shipped via Deutsche Post. When we opened the box we were quite surprised to find it filled with… Christmas presents!

We were even more surprised when we saw the cards read: Merry Christmas 2003… Turns out this package was dispatched from Amazon on December 5th, 2003. It took then almost 1.5 years to reach my house in the suburbs in Norway… And it didn’t even have to cross the Atlantic, since it originated from Germany.

We of course contacted Amazon & Deutsche Post. Amazon first replied that since the order had not originated from my email account, they couldn’t correspond with me about it…
Duh…! Of course it did not originate from my account! We’re talking Christmas presents here… A 2nd reply I got said basically only that they were surprised by the mix-up and would pass it on to the shipping department… Deutsche Post never replied at all…
Is this the customer service & shipping service of the 21st century? What am I supposed to do with a couple of 2004 calendars that arrived in April 2005…? And Amazon used to have a good customer service department… What happened…?
…and so ends my little rant against the corporate world for now… 😎

UPDATE: Amazon has not given us any explanation on why Deutsche Post took 1.5 years with the package, but has send us a gift certificate covering the costs of the calendars & shipping of these items. Still no word from Deutsche Post…

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