Just another normal(?) day at the office…

Today the plan was for Torgeir & I, together with Ulf & Geir from Telenor Satellite Services to install some test equipment aboard the Stena Saga, the ferry/ship Stena Line operates between Oslo, Norway & Frederikshavn, Denmark . We were told the ship would be in open water (the hull needed to be inspected by divers ) from 09:30 until 15:00. This is why we were kinda surprised the Saga departed while we were unloading our equipment around 08:45…!

After some calls they told us: ‘No problem! We’ll pick you up…’.
Hmm… We were hoping for a larger boat, but instead they send us a small & fast rescue boat. The helpful 3-men crew helped us and our equipment on board (it’s not easy climbing down a rope-ladder with a rack server in your hands…) and off we went! Well, that was a ride we will not soon forget… Skimming over the Oslo Fjord at at least 40 km/h is quite an experience! 😎
Unfortunately the air temperature was around -2°C which, combined with the speed, generated a wind chill of around -20°C on the open boat. Needless to say we were all quite frozen by the time we climbed up the rope-ladder of Stena Saga. There we were welcomed by Anders who quickly guided us towards a couple of cups of warm coffee. After those we were in shape again to start with the job of the day…

Here’s an ‘action shot’:Evert Meulie & Geir Sundin, subzero

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