WaterRower for (absolute) beginners

Various info & facts for absolute beginners with a WaterRower indoor rowing machine. Some of this may apply to other brands as well.

Suggested water levels:

  • 12-14 liters – Children
  • 14-16 liters – Non-Athletes
  • 16-18 liters – Athletes

Use regular tap water. This contains additives which deter the growth of algae. Distilled/purified water has these additives removed, promoting algae growth and should therefore be avoided.

[source: WRM7004_RevB_S4_USLetter Wood Owners Manual]

What I would really like is a WaterRower online logbook, like Concept2 has. Has anyone come across such a thing for WaterRower? (Not something complicated that requires me to hook up my rower to a PC. Just some simple site where I can enter results)

[more to come]


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