Supermicro 7048A-T

For at least 5 years (I honestly don’t recall when I put the box together…) there’s a been an Antec Mini P180 purring under my desk. This machine has been running various flavors & versions of Linux, mainly performing as KVM host. This box contains 4 hard drives, and a Intel Q9400S CPU. (For those […]

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Linux vs. Microsoft – Let’s get one thing clear!

Actually, the title of this posting is a bit inaccurate… There is no vs. when it comes to operating systems. All there is is an and! Almost every day I run into people who are… narrow-minded, for the lack of a better word. Narrow-minded, because they approach the whole thing backwards. They first set their

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Linux Firewall information

Here is a list of handy pages & sites, as originally seen on : Linux IP Firewall Information rc.firewall – a powerful firewall based on netfilter/iptables ZDNet – Linux Firewall On A 486:,5594,2503199,00.html Firewall HOWTO: IPCHAINS HOWTO: The rcf Linux Firewall: Security HOWTO: VPN-Masquerade HOWTO: IPCHAINS script

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