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Finally! After sitting on my *ss for 15 months, being unemployed, I’ll be returning to the world of the employed! Initially I’ll be ‘on loan’ from Aetat, but hopefully that will result in a pemanent position… 🙂 Dec. 1st I’ll be starting as Systems Engineer at Telio AS in Oslo. 🙂

William Shatner mask - Michael Myers

James T Kirk vs Michael Myers

This question surfaces every year, around Halloween: Was the mask made infamous by Michael Myers (portrayed by Tony Moran) in Halloween (1978) indeed originally made for James T. Kirk (portrayed by William Shatner) in Star Trek (1966-1969)? The answer is… Yes! I’ll leave it up to The Shat to explain the whole story:

F.A.R.T. – Fathers Against Rude Television

Fathers Against Rude Television (acronym F.A.R.T.) was a “Bender protest group” created by Hermes Conrad and Hubert J. Farnsworth, because they were tired of the filth Bender’s character performed on All My Circuits, specifically with drinking, smoking, stealing and violence. The group success skyrocketed when the actor himself quit the show and joined the group, …

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PlanetAll is no more… :-(

PlanetAll was a social networking, calendaring, and address book site launched in November 1996. It was founded by a group of Harvard Business School and MIT graduates. Their company, Sage Enterprises, was based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was the winner of the 1996 New Business of the Year Award from the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. …

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