Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally! After sitting on my *ss for 15 months, being unemployed, I’ll be returning to the world of the employed!

Initially I’ll be ‘on loan’ from Aetat, but hopefully that will result in a pemanent position… 🙂

Dec. 1st I’ll be starting as Systems Engineer at Telio AS in Oslo. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

  1. Congratualtions Evert!
    Finally you can start working again, and that must feel good ey?! Are you gonna start transing into Oslo every day now, or are you (and Marianne) planning on moving there? Stay in Sarp!! (closer for me to come and see you when I’m back home in Nroway for a visit).

    1. Good to see that at least one of the members of this site has figured out hot to submit a comment! 🙂

      Although… Shall we all chip in and get her an English dictionary? 😉


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