sea turtle

Why Just One? – Saving the world’s last dinosaur, the sea turtle

Saving the world’s last dinosaur, the sea turtle. A documentary made by Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced...

The Pentagon

The Pentagon – trivia

Here’s some trivia about The Pentagon. The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, located in...

evil bot

How to block fake Googlebot clients in NGINX

Lately, some of my websites have had some serious leeching issues with clients pretending to be Googlebot. They send the...

hubspot-sprocket logo

Passed my 2nd exam at Hubspot Academy: HubSpot Design Certification

After I passed the 1st exam with relative ease I decided to keep the momentum going and try for a...

girl shredding paper

Paperwork Recipient…?

When I was filling out a form at the Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center site I came across the following gem....

hubspot-sprocket logo

Passed my 1st exam at Hubspot Academy: Hubspot Inbound Certification

After the majority of my colleagues at MarkedsPartner already took and passed the exam, I figured it was my turn...

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