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Netherlands, here we come!

The trip is booked, and in about 6 weeks we’ll be off to one of my favorite destinations: the Netherlands! I know at least 1 person who is looking forward to our visit. My little nephew Jerro has his birthday while I am there. I guess I better find him some cool presents… 😎

Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the… ocean?!?

Yes, you heard it right… Two brothers, Ralph & Michael Tuijn just rowed a boat from one of the Canary Islands to Curaçao! There they arrived today. It took them 3 months and they travelled 3000 miles… And this trip is actually only a ‘warm-up’ for their next trip: From Peru to Brisbane, Australia. An …

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Brilliant move!

Some people just don’t give a hoot about others when in traffic. I experienced a good example of it this afternoon, and also the brilliant countermove of the bus driver…! My bus had just switched drivers for its last stretch (the route is Oslo-Sarpsborg-Strömstad, with a driver-switch in Sarpsborg) and was about to enter the …

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