Tom, Michael, Ken & Robin

Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Ken Follett

Yeah, I know it probably doesn’t have the same ring to it as John, Paul, George & Ringo used to have, but Tom (Clancy), Michael (Crichton), Ken (Follett) & Robin (Cook) are the 4 gents who currently take up quite a bit of my time.

Since I’m still ‘between jobs’, and winter has made it to Norway, I spend quite a bit of my time with reading. I read books by many different authors, covering many genres, but over time my favourites are clearly:

  • Tom Clancy (1947-2013), known for his technically detailed espionage and military science storylines set during and after the Cold War.
  • Michael Crichton (1942-2008), known for his work in the science fiction, thriller, and medical fiction genres.
  • Ken Follett (1949- ), known for his thrillers and historical novels.
  • Robin Cook (1940- ), known for combining medical writing with the thriller genre.

As you can see on my Goodreads profile, I’m currently going through the books of Robin Cook, more or less in chronological order. When I’m done with his works I may do the same with Michael Crichton. Haven’t quite decided yet.

One thing’s for certain: almost all of their books are so much better than movies/TV series based on them. I have watched quite a few movies & TV series based on works by Michael Crichton, Ken Follett & Robin Cook and so far the only advantage of them, over the books, is that they take less time to consummate. 😎

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