In the Netherlands it’s legal to pay for driving lessons with sexual acts

Ministers van der Steur of Security and Justice & Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment have argued that it is legal for driving instructors to offer driving lessons in exchange for sexual acts.

The principal of ‘a ride for a ride’ is according to the 2 ministers not against the law because there is no question of prostitution. They do consider it undesirable though. This can be read in the letter which answers parliamentary questions about ‘ruilprostitutie’ (barter prostitution) at driving schools.
When the student is underage it is considered lechery and that is a criminal act. However, this does not apply to adults.

“It’s not about offering sexual acts in exchange for payment, but about bartering it for a driving lesson”, argues van der Steur. “Important here is that the initiative has to come from the driving instructor and that it’s focused on offering a driving lesson. The payment for this driving lesson is done by sexual acts. With prostitution, the initiative of the sexual act lays with the prostitute, in exchange for monetary payment.”

[hat tip: De Telegraaf (in Dutch]

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