Bitcoin wallets used for Ashley Madison blackmail attempts

Here are some of the bitcoin wallets used in attempts to extort money out of people whose accounts got hacked at Ashley Madison:

Click on a bitcoin wallet to see how much money it contains, and any related transactions. I’ll keep adding to this list as long as I receive new blackmail attempts.


Beware! Most emails mention ‘Just pay [amount] to [address] we will know it’s you and you will never hear from us again.’. The fact that the ‘unique’ bitcoin wallet mentioned in the email you received is already listed on this page proves that it’s not unique and that they don’t know/care who you are.

(Yes, I originally used the term extortion when I wrote this post, but it turns out blackmail is the correct term here.

4 thoughts on “Bitcoin wallets used for Ashley Madison blackmail attempts”

  1. Lmao, I made an account there just to troll people, but all there stupid so I quit that 1 day login and now I got those e-mails with ‘information to my family’ lmao

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve received several of these same wallet numbers. I’m not worried about my information getting out, so I’ve been sending these numbers to the FBI and IC3 tip departments. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist. The original hackers need to be prosecuted or eliminated. These current blackmailers are low-level vultures and I would love to have a hand in their apprehension and punishment.

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