the Mighty Micro

the Mighty Microthe Micro MillenniumA little while ago I came across this gem from the past: A book titled ‘The mighty micro: the impact of the computer revolution’, by Christopher Evans. In the US it was published as ‘the Micro Millennium’.
This book contains predictions about the (then) upcoming microcomputer revolution, which includes predictions for the future up to the year 2000.
Just one example: ‘Starting from the 1990’s the use of cash money will be quickly replaced by the use of credit cards, which will most likely contain a chip.’

From the front of the Micro Millennium:

This book is about the future.
Not some distant future which we can blissfully ignore, but one which is imminent. It will involve a transformation of world society at all levels, and while taking place slowly at first, will gather pace with sudden force. It’s a future which is largely molded by a single, startling development in technology. The piece of technology is, of course, the computer.

This book was later turned into a 6-part television series, which is luckily available via YouTube:

  1. The Coming of the Microprocessor
  2. Of Machines and Memory
  3. The Political Revolution
  4. The Introverted Society
  5. The Intelligent Machine
  6. All Our Tomorrows

(Unfortunately dr. Evans passed away before the broadcast of this series in 1979)

Check it out on YouTube, when you have some time to spare. 😎

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