Unable to send SMS with Cyanogenmod? Here’s a fix!

Cyanogenmod logoAre you unable to send SMS text messages after upgrading (to) Cyanogenmod? Here’s something you should check! (This fixed it for me after installing Cyanogenmod 11 on my Nexus 4)
Open the Voice+-app. As it mentions, ‘Voice+ enables all apps to send SMS messages through Google Voice’. Well… this apparently doesn’t work for everyone. So if you have trouble sending SMS via your Messaging app, disable this. After I did that, I was able to send SMS again! 😎

(Not sure which versions of Cyanogenmod this applies to. Applies perhaps also to other custom roms, or even to stock roms. Probably only for people outside the USA)

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  • Nurulz
    1 year ago

    Fixed outgoing sms failure on cyanogenmod by adding the correct SMSC number I believe each network carrier has there own, Google it or call your operator to retrieve it .

    In order to view, please type:
    go into Phone Information
    Scroll down to SMSC and hit “refresh” to get the number.

    If number is 00 or no value then input the appropriate SMSC number manually in the field remember no spaces between numbers. After you input the number press update and refresh making sure the number doesn’t change.

  • i have a xt912 motorolla and there is no such option for either voice+ or google voice. i see voice+ in app drawer but can only force stop it, disable option is grey?

  • thank’s so much, this solved my problem, i have motorola xt912

  • Worked for me on Cyanogen Mod cm11 and on a stock 4.4.4 nexus 4. I had to download Google Voice, start it, then exit and disable. Go figure and thanks for curing a 3 week old problem.

  • micke.rcg@gmail.com
    [email protected]
    3 years ago

    I try a patch CDMA to GSM only what they are for verizon install with recovery safestrap, I installed on a droid 4 CM 11 and could not send sms until the active patch all GSM features and my problem was solved


  • sadiknev
    3 years ago

    great thank you for your advice it has worked

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  • YES!!!!! Perhaps I am just silly and this is what happens when you are a noob with roms, but this solved my problem. Thank you so much! I knew it had to be a setting, I just wasn’t sure which one.

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