Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – What did it cost?

It’s known under many names: Eurovision Song Contest, Concours Eurovision de la Chanson, Конкурс песни Евровидение, Песма Евровизије, Avroviziya Mahnı Müsabiqəsi, Eurovisiesongfestival, and probably 50 more…

Let me tell you from the start: I am not in favor of it. In my opinion it’s a humongous waste of time and money. But how much…?
That is a question I hope to answer here. I hope to collect a complete listing of how much money each participating country has spent in total (national part + (if applicable) international part) on the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

CountryEstimated cost (in million €)[source]notes
Azerbaijan50NRKThe building costs of Crystal Hall, €105 million, have not been included since this building was planned to be built anyway.

Yes, this table is still quite empty. And that’s where you come in! Do you know how much your country spent on ESC2012? Let me know! Post a comment. Don’t forget to mention the source of your information though…

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