Yup, currently my Nissan LEAF is nothing more but a GPS+radio in an air-conditioned metal box on wheels. Auxiliary systems like the radio, Sat Nav & AC work just fine, but the engine won’t start.

I’ve done some Googling, and the problem seems a lot like the one reported in a posting in the LEAF wiki.

Nissan is aware of this issue and issued a technical service bulletin addressing it, NTB11038. The fix is to have the Vehicle Control Module (VCM) reprogrammed by a Nissan dealer. A side effect of the reprogramming is an improvement in the accuracy of the Driving Range Display.
The weird thing is that my LEAF has been in for service at Brennes Auto for this exact software update on March 29th! (I haven’t been told whether the software update was needed/has been applied). After that, the car hasn’t been used for a week because of holidays. On April 10th it behaved normally, and yesterday the problems started.

Of course, I don’t know for sure whether this is an NTB11038-issue but it almost seems like they went healthy->faulty software on March 29th. If that is indeed the case, they f*cked up big, big time!!

I hope to hear from them today. Hopefully that they have fixed the problem, but at the very least with an estimate on how long it will take. And they’re not done with me until they tell me exactly what was wrong. A ‘well, we dunno what was wrong, but now it works’ will not do.

Day 3 (I’m realistic and excluding weekends in the count)
The peeps at Brennes auto have determined there is something wrong with the ‘big’ battery, tossed my LEAF on a flatbed and transported it to Oslo. Apparently, there is the only location with the equipment & expertise to check/fix this…

Finally… Today, on April the 26th, I could collect my LEAF again! 🙂

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