INSPIRIA science center

Earlier today we visited INSPIRIA science center for the first time with Jacob. INSPIRIA is a centre with many/only hands-on experiments, interesting for young and old.
I had been there several times before since my office is located in the same building as the science centre.

(tip: come early! Be there when they open, and you have the chance to check out everything. Later on the day it gets more crowded, sometimes to a point where it is difficult to check out experiments in peace and quiet…)

Being only 3 years old, Jacob clearly doesn’t understand the science/physics behind any/all experiments yet, but he sure did enjoy trying them all! 😉
We spent a couple of hours in the center, before enjoying some food at Østfold Mat.(a restaurant located in the same building.)
Jacob was a bit reluctant to leave after that, but in the mean time many more visitors had shown up and it had gotten a bit crowded.

Since Jacob probably wants to visit many more times in the future, I guess I’ll get him a year card for Xmas 😎

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