Monkey tail beard!

Huh? What? Yes… you read it correctly! a Monkey tail beard!

Let me guess… The 1 question which rages through your head right now is: ‘What the [beep] is a Monkeytail beard?
Well, I had not heard of it before either. That is, until Adam Savage (one of the hosts of the successful Mythbusters show) brought it under my (and his other followers on Twitter) attention with the following tweet:

Please google “monkey tail beard”. You’re welcome. (trying to convince Jamie to try this one…)

Monkeytail beard - color picMonkeytail beard - black & white pic
I did what he suggested and Googled ‘monkey tail beard’. The #1 site in the search result guided me to, the ‘Official Home of the Monkeytail Beard’.
After running the idea by my personal stylist, @birgerweb, I decided the monkey tail beard has just the right amount of geekiness & style to give it a try.

Behold… the result!

Probably not as good as others out there (it’s harder for me, since my hair color does not give as much contrast as black/dark hair would do), but I hope that, over time, it turns into a respectable Monkeytail Beard!

(in case you wonder whether it’s monkeytail beard or monkey tail beard: I don’t know either… I have used both in this post, but will correct that as soon as the general consensus has chosen for a particular spelling of this phenomenon.

May 28th, 2011: Looks like my result was acceptable, as it is now listed as Dutchtails on the Monkeytail site.

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