Upgraded my phone to Froyo -> Android Market gone!

NB: Don’t miss the updated info at the bottom of this post!

Last night I decided I was going to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S phone to Android 2.2 (aka Froyo). After installing the newest version of Kies (Kies_1.5.3.10093_82.exe) I decided to go for it.
The entire process took about 10 minutes, and went without a glitch. Android 2.2 looked nice and spiffy and has some features I’ve been longing for, like good support for Exchange 2003.

So all is fine? No, not exactly…

This morning I wanted to add another app to my phone, and discovered that the Android Market icon is no longer there! No Google App Store available! 🙁

A quick Google showed me that other users, both Droid X and Galaxy S report similar problems.

I decided to contact Samsung support. Here follows the log of the chat I had with Sandra at Samsung at 06:30am:
(Sandra appears to be Swedish, so pardon her non-native English)

Sandra: Hej Evert och välkommen till Samsung Support. Du assisteras av Sandra. Hur kan jag hjälpa dig?
Evert: hi Sandra. I have a problem with my Galaxy S phone.
Sandra: Okej.
Evert: I upgraded Android to version 2.2 last night (via Kies), and now my Android Market icon is gone…
Evert: (a little Google’ing has shown me that I am not the only one with this problem…)
Evert: (everything else works just fine. Android Market is the one and only thing missing)
Sandra: Yes, you have to make a reset on the phone to be able to get all apps configured right to the new Android 2.2 system.
Evert: a reset…? Will I lose any data when doing that?
Sandra: Yes you will lose everything on mainmemory for example phonebook and downloaded apps so you have to take a backup on phonebook (sync it to Gmail or Outlook).
Evert: Is this happening to everyone who upgrades? How come it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the upgrade process?
Evert: my phonebook I have synced with Exchange, so that’s not a problem.
Evert: How about the apps. Will they all reinstall (without problems) after the reset?
Sandra: You have to download the apps again via Market.
Evert: Does the Market know/remember what I had installed? Or should I make a list of what’s on the phone before the reset?
Sandra: To be sure you can make a list. If you search for ex “Facebook” and you enter Fac.. Market remembers your searchresult from before but you can’t get a list directly in Market on what have been downloaded.
Evert: How do I perform this reset?
Sandra: You go in to: Applications – Settings – Private.
Sandra: There you have the factory reset.
Evert: Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset ?
Evert: I guess I’ll give it a try tonight… Is this happening to everyone? Why is there no mention of it during the upgrade process?
Sandra: Yes it is. We have forwarded this info to headquarter so they will get this info up on our homepage as soon as possible.
Evert: Good idea… You’re gonna get a lot of p*ssed off customers because of this ‘feature’… 😉
Sandra: I think so to.
Evert: Thank you for your assistance. I’ll try it out tonight and if it does not work, you (or one of your colleagues) will ‘meet’ me again tomorrow morning! 😉
Sandra: You do that. Thank you.
Evert: bye 🙂
Sandra: Bye bye

Now that’s definitely something the upgrade process should have notified me about!!

Forget what Samsung says about Factory Reset. Follow these instructions instead! Don’t forget to reboot after carrying out this fix. Market kept on force-closing until I did so…

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  1. the latest on this issue: a friend has told me FroYo is no longer available for the Norwegian market (perhaps also other countries). Roll-out has been stopped for now because of this Android Market issue. No news on when roll-out will resume…

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