Time for some suit-shopping…

In opdracht van hare majesteit de Koningin heeft harer majesteits ambassadeur de eer de heer Meulie uit te nodigen voor een ontvangst
An invitation to meet Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in person during her state visit to Norway next month! Now that is quite a surprise! 😎
Problem is, the invitation states: dark suit…
Those of you who know me a bit know that suits are not my usual wear. Actually, the people who have seen me more than once in a suit can probably be counted on the fingers of 1 hand…
I guess I don’t have a choice but to visit a clothing store at Nordby Shoppingcenter tomorrow and find myself a decent suit for this occasion. Afterwards I am sure I can use it for weddings, funerals and whatnot… 😉

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