I qualify for eye surgery! :-)

I just returned from my check-up at Memira, to find out whether I qualify for refractive eye surgery.
After an extensive check-up by Svein Tindlund (one of their optometrists), I got the news that there was nothing wrong with my eyes (except the obvious near-sightedness, of course!) and that I do qualify for refractive eye surgery!

Since the clinic in Fredrikstad performs the actual surgeries only once a month, and that today was that day of the month, I do have to wait until the end of April to get treated.

So far I can recommend Memira to anyone. I have been in contact with them a couple of times now, and always get the answers I need. 😎

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  1. Eye surgery is not easy good to know that your operation is successful.And it reminds me also of my eyes i have a 1.75 eye grade and u use contact lens because i don’t like wear eye glass thanks for your eye tips more power to your site! G-d bless 😉

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