[beep]ing kids! :-(

Damn those [beep]ing kids in my neighbourhood!
I just found out that one or more times some kids have taken the mail from our mailbox and just tore it up and threw it away…! 😥

We heard about it today because one of their parents found out, and recovered some of the mail, including the class & portrait photo’s taken of Jacob (value $100!), all torn in pieces…
There are a few things I do not like to see: torn-up photo’s of my son are high on that list… 😥

Luckily the parent knows Jacob via her job, and recognized him on the remains of the photo’s. She contacted Marianne this afternoon. The kids (or, more likely: the parents?) have paid us back the $100, so for this time I guess we will let it slide. But if it ever happens again, and I find out, I will shoot first and ask questions later! 👿
However, I hope that the parents make sure that this will never, ever happen again!

I doubt anyway that involving the authorities would have much of an effect. It would surprise me very much if there’s something like the USPIS here in Norway, and the police really isn’t going to bother with something as trivial (in their eyes!) as this…
At least in the USA opening (and therefore definitely also tearing up) someone else’s postal mail is a federal offence with a maximum punishment of 5 years in jail. Now there’s a way to deal with little (and big) vandals who can’t keep their hands of other people’s mail! 😎

I hope that my neighbours on Nøtteveien, Yven, have been spared this ordeal, but who knows…? I doubt these kids specifically targeted our mailbox…

[This posting is kept mostly anonymous. The names of the culprits I simply don’t have, and their parents are probably punished enough by finding out what their kids have done…]

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