Women, and how they play you…

Today I first-hand experienced how conniving women can be to get what they want, and nothing less… 😉

At jewelry store #1:

[me, pointing at a poster advertising a diamond ring for amount X] – ‘You’ve been wanting a ring for Christmas. How about that one?’
[she] – ‘Oh, but that one is way too expensive… Let me look what else they have…
[me] – ‘Don’t look at the price… That doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not too idiotic.
[she] – ‘Still… Let me look what else they have…’
(She checks out the rings collection at the store, but doesn’t really find anything she likes.)
[she] – ‘Let’s shop some more… There is another jewelry store upstairs. Let’s look there as well…’

We continue our round through the shopping mall, and stop for a cup of coffee and some cake upstairs, which happens to be right next to jewelry store #2:

[she] – ‘While you drink your coffee I am going to take a look in this jewelry store…’
I sit and relax, sipping my hot coffee… 5 minutes later she returns with the ‘good’ news:
[she] – ‘I found a ring here which I really like… But it costs a bit more than that one at the first store…
Me, a bit confused (Wasn’t her reason for not wanting the ring at the first store that it costed too much??), follow her into the store, decide to stick to my ‘as long as the price is not too idiotic, it’s ok’ from store #1, and whip out the plastic to pay.

And this, men, is how women trick you… I ended up shelling out amount X + 35%

Men, let this be a lesson to you…!
Women… oh, what the heck… let this be a lesson to you as well! 😉

Merry Xmas everyone!

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