the Linux Counter is down… again… :-(

As one may or may not have noticed, by now I have been active for about 10 years as a volunteer with the Linux Counter Project.
The Linux Counter Project is an organisation established to encourage, promote and support the counting of Linux Users. It was started 15 years ago as a project by Harald Alvestrand and became a non-profit organisation in 1999. I joined them in 1998 as country manager and was elected on its Board of Directors in 2003.

At the moment is down… again. The backend server is functioning fine, but the front-end machine which runs Apache is not what it used to be…
We (read: Harald) are doing our best to get the server and the site up and going again as soon as possible.

UPDATE: As of December 4th, the site has the following message on it:

The Linux Counter is down

There’s been a hardware error on the Linux Counter machine. It “should be easy to fix”, but it’s taken much longer than it should.
The current estimate is that we’ll be back online before December 8.

My apologies!

Harald Alvestrand

3 thoughts on “the Linux Counter is down… again… :-(”

  1. I hope you all can manage to put the project up and running again.
    It was a good ideia when it was created and i believe still is.
    Good luck to you all.

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