KISS sucks… :-(

No, I am not referring to hickeys here…
I am talking about KISS: Kopfgelenk-Induzierte Symmetrie-Störung. The jury is still out on whether or not this is a genuine syndrome, with chiropractors acknowledging it, and ‘real’ (medical) doctors usually dismissing it.
How did I end up here? Well, unfortunately Jacob got diagnosed with (in my opinion a light case of) KISS-syndrome. For the last couple of weeks he’s had a clear preference on which way he wanted to turn his head while laying on his back, and he was not very comfortable on his stomach. The local clinic sent us to a physiotherapist, who, after diagnosing him, passed us on to a orthopedic manual physical therapist.
Jacob went there this afternoon, and I immediately noticed the difference when he came home. He no longer seems to have a preference for which way his head is turned, and he is calm and relaxed again.

Whether or not this is an actual medical condition I’ll leave up to the various experts, but whatever the therapist did, it worked! That’s all that matters to me… 🙂

Some good resources on this topic:
In Dutch: Stichting KISS en KIDD syndroom Nederland
In German: KISS – Kopfgelenk induzierte Symmetrie Störung
In Norwegian:

3 thoughts on “KISS sucks… :-(”

  1. Tracy Katzenberger

    My son was also diagnosed with this and we saw a specialist who corrects this. We live in Hanover, Germany (not sure where you are – but this is where the syndrome and treatment originated. I wanted to ask you if your son had any difficulties after being treated. Our son has definitely improved in being able to look around more and such – but the last few weeks have seem like a growth spurt that won’t end. He wants to eat all the time and is no longer sleeping through the night. Did that happen to you as well?

    1. Our son Jacob has been sleeping fine ever since. He also has been growing, but I guess that is normal… 😉
      He is now 7 months, 1 week old. We live in Norway, by the way…
      (but I am originally from the Netherlands)


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