the Factory of Death… aka Borregaard Sarpsborg

Oops, they did it again… 🙁

Borregaard, a large chemical manufacturer on the outskirts of Sarpsborg, Norway, and as such (one of) the largest employer in this area, has (probably) again managed to infect the area with Legionella, causing an outbreak of Legionellosis (also known as Legionnaires’ disease). Back in 2005 they already quite ‘successfully’ infected the area, resulting in a epidemic with total of 56 ill and 10 dead… 🙁

It has not yet been officially confirmed that Borregaard is the source of this year’s infection, but Borregaard has reported that they have found traces of legionella in exactly the same installation which was responsible for the 2005 epidemic/massacre. At the end of the week the Norwegian Institute of Public Health will come with a report about whether or not Borregaard is the bad boy again.
Let’s just hope that this time the death toll will be less… :-/

I know the factory employs a lot of people in the area, but still… if they can’t keep their stuff in order, the government should shut them down until they clean up their act!

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