No, not yet…

Yes, today was the day on which our little Jacob would enter this world. Turns out they’re too busy at the hospital, so we have been rescheduled for tomorrow… :-/

Too bad… On June 5th Jacob would have shared his birthday with fine people like Sokrates, Thomas Chippendale (the furniture guy, not the strippers!), Pat Garrett (who killed Billy the Kid), Pancho Villa, Ken Follett, Kenny G & Ron Livingston (Office Space!).

On June 6th however, he’ll be sharing his birthday with… Soekarno, Albert II of Belgium & Björn Borg. I am sure some of you think these 3 people are worth mentioning, but still… 😉

On the other hand… It does happen to be the birthday of Ingrid, one of my favorite cousins, so not all is bad… 😉

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