Get your own customized cell phone for only $149…

Sounds too good to be true? Well… Perhaps we have another Medison Celebrity here, but who knows… Let’s give zzzPhone the benefit of the doubt:

We’ve seen super-duper Chinese cell phones at trade shows before, but usually they’re not available/usable on a worldwide basis (because of either shipping or frequency limitations). But now there is zzzPhone, a new company that promises to customize your super-duper-China phone and send it to you.

Their base model, for US$149 plus an unbelievable $5 shipping, lets you put in two GSM SIM cards at once and has a touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera, music and video players and Web browser. But the real fun comes when you start configuring your own phone on their Web site. (The site only seems to like Internet Explorer though…)
You can change the phone’s color, add a water-resistant coating, more speakers, GPS, a TV tuner, a 7-megapixel camera, a second camera, or even ask zzzPhone to pre-install movies (legally purchased, they say…), all for a price.
Try the configurator on their site. It’s a lot of fun, as you can see speakers and cameras appear and disappear as you refit your phone.

The phone is said to be running Windows Mobile 6, and use the GSM/EDGE 850/1800/1900 frequencies – perfect for the US, and usable in most European countries as well.

If this all sounds a little far-fetched to you, well… it sounds far-fetched to me, too!

I am looking forward to hear from people who have any positive/negative experiences with this product/company!

For anyone who feels adventurous: order your zzzPhone here!

1 thought on “Get your own customized cell phone for only $149…”

  1. We’re now 2 years later, and it looks like the entire thing was 1 big scam…

    A quote from somewhere on the Internet: ‘Sounds pretty good but in fact, our sources are telling us that it is a SCAM. In an email I just received from an extremely reliable source, I was told that it has in fact been confirmed as a SCAM. Our source indicated that they had acquired one of the devices and in fact it was running Symbian yet had the Windows Mobile logo on the box.

    Further, we were told that an insider at MS did in fact confirm that it is a pirated device using the WM logos and that they were installing a non-commercial version of Symbian.’

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