‘I want a raise…’

This is not a smart request to make during a meeting with the management, in my opinion.

Why not, you may ask? Well, if you ask for a raise you want something from the management. The management is then in the position to make demands, set requirements which you have to meet to actually get that raise. And that would it not make a raise anymore, but simply a change in salary. (You do more/different work, and for that you receive more/different payment.)

No, it’s much better to leave it up to the management to offer you a raise. Believe me, if they think you are worth it, they will offer you a raise. And then it is indeed a raise: the same amount & kind of work, and more pay.

And what to do if they do not offer you the raise you think you deserve? Simple… Go for a job where the management does value you for what you think you are worth.
(I know this strategy is not feasible for any line of work, but here in Norway, where there’s a screaming shortage of people in the IT sector, I think it’s quite doable).

If you happen to think my opinion as given here is a load of bullplop, feel free to check out this page instead.  😎

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