Holiday in Scotland – hotels

Some quick notes on the hotels we stayed at during our visit to Scotland:

Queens Guest House: top floor room, under slanted roof. Shower in room, toilet in separate room, also slanted roof. First night: Wet Wet Wet concert at Stirling Castle, clearly hearable through the skylight. Not unpleasant. Throughout the night some noise from drunken people. Next Saturday morning car across road had 2 garbage cans on its roof. 5 channels on tv. Hair-dryer in room not present.

Whinpark Inverness: Nice room, and even though we got there a bit early, they had it ready in 5 mins. Shower low pressure, but ok temperature & size. View of flat roof. Little or no noise. 4 channels on tv. Breakfast was good & quick with a choice from every possible permutation on the eggs, sausage & bacon theme.

Loch Ness lodge hotel. Room ok. Small bath room. 3 or 4 channels on TV. Bed-radio out of order. Window view (& sounds) of parking lot. thin walls: you hear all from hallway, and quite some from adjoining rooms & upstairs. Yup, half the night I got to enjoy snoring noises from the room upstairs… The bathroom had a bath with shower. Finally some good water pressure available. But I was less happy with the not-always-constant water temperature, and with the fact that having to stand in a bath tub while showering is not perfect either.

Eyre guest house Edinburgh: they actually put us next door, in the Arendale. Nice place. Top floor. Bed as good as other places, but not as good as Stirling. Weird: a remote control right next to the TV, but the TV doesn’t react to it…! 4 channels. Quiet environment. Quite noisy shower, but good temperature & pressure, the best so far. Hairdryer in room not present.

KinGraig Nice place, good room. Honesty bar outside the room with all kinds of drinks for normal (between store price & bar price) price. The toilet seat seemed to have some trouble with our weight and broke (there was already a crack present though). Fixed in no time by the owner himself, who introduced us to the concept of a ‘Glasgow screwdriver‘. 5 Tv channels.

Best bed: Stirling
Best shower: Edinburgh. (based on water pressure & constant temperature.)
Friendliest proprietor: KinGraig! (although most of the others are VERY close seconds)

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