Holiday in Scotland – day 6

Yet another traditional English breakfast. After that we headed for the sightseeing tour (with first a stop at the Cat Gallery). This time we got off at Edinburgh Castle. We spent a couple of hours visiting most of it, and also witnessed the daily 1pm canon shot. From the castle we also observed a small demonstration in Princes Street. After we left the castle (by this time there was a drizzle coming down) we took a short walk down ….. Street, looking for a place to eat. We ended up at ….. The food was very good there. I enjoyed a nice salmon. When walking out we saw on a TV that London got the 2012 Olympics assigned. When we left ….. the rain was really pouring down. We checked some souvenir shops, and then the Christmas store. After that we’d hoped to get on the sightseeing bus again, but since it never showed we ended up in the White Hart pub. After a coffee there still no sign of the bus so we decided to walk back to Princes street to check with the sightseeing agency office. On the way I bought the full original ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ & the original ‘the Italian Job‘ on DVD at Virgin Megastore. The sightseeing agency office turned out to be closed because of expected unrest/trouble in town. We then headed for first the train station, then the bus station to do some checking for our trip to Prestwick. After that: time for ‘dinner’ at McDonalds. this was of the usual ‘quality’… 😉 Since the evening was still young: time to go to the pub. First Milnes pub. Quite quiet there, but a nice place nonetheless. We then continued in the direction of our B&B, and stumbled upon the Hard Rock café Edinburgh. Here i had a couple of Foster’s while watching the final Live8 event, the Final Push on TV. Especially interesting was the part where it was clearly raining cats & dogs at Murrayfield and there was no sign of rain outside the window of the Hard Rock! After 3 pints & some shopping in the (not-so-cheap) shop of the Hard Rock, we went back to the B&B, to watch the rest of the concert.

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