Holiday in Scotland – day 2

We began the day with a City Sightseeing tour. We had decided to first take the full 1-hour round, and then during the 2nd round to jump off at something we’d like to see better. There were lots of people waiting at the train station to get to the ‘Make Poverty History‘ event in Edinburgh. In the 2nd round we got off the bus at Stirling Castle.
We visited the whole castle and also bought some post cards there. After that, we got back on the sightseeing bus to the next point of interest: Bridge of Allan. There we had lunch at an old café. After that we hopped on our red bus again to get back to Stirling. We then spent a couple of hours in Stirling, window-shopping. Then we went back to our B&B for quick nap. We didn’t want a repeat of the long walk we had the night before, so this time we took a taxi to the Birds & the Bees for dinner.
We had a good table, and the food was quite good as well. I had a steak with Rob Roy sauce (made with malt whisky, spring onion, tomato and cream), and a ‘Highland coffee’ for dessert. But the service…? Not really all that good… It even went so far that the nice lady at the table next to us had to point out to the waitress that we were ready to order dessert. This was 10-15 minutes after one of the other waitresses had inquired whether we wanted to see a dessert menu, but never actually bothered to bring us one…
So to sum up: a good restaurant: yes. ‘One of the best places to eat in Central Scotland’: no! After we’d finally enjoyed our (delicious!) dessert we walked to the same bus stop as the night before and took the bus back into town. We went to the room early, watched some telly, and went to sleep.

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