is no more… :-(

Yup, my site with Roxette MIDI files is no more. After many years (the site has been up and running since the 90’s) the whole domain seems to have reached the end of its existence.

I would like to thank Daniel M. Zimmerman very much for all the time and effort he has put in the domain over the past years.

For everyone who is wondering where the MIDI files went: they can be found at

8 thoughts on “ is no more… :-(”

    1. Hi Wasif!

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve restored the .ZIP file containing all the Roxette .MID files, and updated the link in the post above. Now you can download them again.
      However, it only contains songs by Roxette. Gyllene Tider is a different group (even though they share Per Gessle).

      1. Thank you Evert…I love Midis and have been listening to Midis that I downloaded from, can you please upload June July August midi by Gyllene Tider? I loved that instrumental so much.

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