James Bond: 12(!) actors, and 26 movies in 58 years

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I’ve been looking for a list of all James Bond movies in chronological order myself more than once in the past, so when I eventually found the information I figured I’ll make it a little easier for others to find as well by posting a chronological list here.

The first Bond movie, Dr. No, premiered on October 5th, 1962.

The release for the upcoming Bond movie, ‘No time to die’, was originally scheduled for March 31st, 2020, but then it got postponed a couple of times because of the coronavirus/COVID-19, and is now set to September 28th 2021.

26 movies

In the past 58 years, a total of 26 James Bond films has been made:

Dr. No1962Sean Connery
From Russia with Love1963
Casino Royale1967David Niven
You Only Live Twice1967Sean Connery
On Her Majesty's Secret Service1969George Lazenby
Diamonds are Forever1971Sean Connery
Live and Let Die1973Roger Moore
The Man with the Golden Gun1974
The Spy Who Loved Me1977
For your eyes only1981
Never say never again1983Sean Connery
Octopussy1983Roger Moore
A view to a kill1985
The living daylights1987Timothy Dalton
License to kill1989
GoldenEye1995Pierce Brosnan
Tomorrow never dies1997
The world is not enough1999
Die another day2002
Casino Royale2006Daniel Craig
Quantum of solace2008
No time to die2021

12 actors

And no less than 12 actors have portrayed James Bond in the media. In chronological order: Barry Nelson, Bob Holness, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, David Niven, George Lazenby, Christopher Cazenove, Timothy Dalton, Michael Jayston, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig & Toby Stephens. [main source]

(Did you get to 12 when you counted them in your head? I didn’t… )

128 thoughts on “James Bond: 12(!) actors, and 26 movies in 58 years”

    1. To quote Raymond from Everybody loves Raymond. “You are an idiot wrapped in a moron” Daniel Craig was the best, followed closely by connery. A three way tie for last Brosnon Dalton and Moore. Not seen any of the others

  1. Connery (in the first 2 films anyway), 2. Craig (although he’s hard to imagine as the Naval Commander Fleming wrote him as ), 3. Connery (in the remaining films), 4. Dalton (highly underrated and rose above the material), 5. Lazenby (thankless job to follow Connery and he did just fine in the best 007 film), 6. Brosnan (no real sense of danger), 7. Moore (…danger? What’s that? raises eyebrow and does double take). then the rest, although Niven/Sellers were fun.

  2. I find I like Craig’s portrayal and find it closer to the books. Second I rate Connery. I found the whole Moore era too cartoony with too many gadgets and too much of a predictable format.

  3. Connery…Sean Connery played the character with such confidence that Bond,James Bond became 007 license to movie sequels. The Godfather of spy!! All others must be triple 000 agents.

  4. To me, the REAL James Bonds were those who were the stunt doubles for the actors that you never hear about and get a 1 second credit at the end of the film.

  5. I am curious as to the ages of the people that posted comments. I’m 56 and a Bond fan. Connery was the best Bond originally ( and my favorite, still is) but as times change, so does the way we see our heroes. Connery was great because he was rugid and handsome in a manly way, not like a male model (Roger Moore) and looked as if he could survive a lot of things he came up against. As we get into the 2000’s I can see the younger generations liking Bronson and Craig, who by the way did great jobs of portraying Bond. I’m old school and Connery is still my guy. Oh, and I’m talking movies not series.

  6. The “watch-waking-the-(thought to be)-dead-agent” thing wasn’t from a Bond Movie, but from one called In Like Flint – starring James Coburn

  7. I have a problem with this list I don’t people who played Bond in a spoof should be considered James Bond. Also voice actors I’m kinda on the fence about whether they should be considered an actual portrayal of James Bond.

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