Lee Pace / Kevin Durand

When watching The Strain I was wondering… ‘The actor who plays Vasiliy Fet, isn’t that… what’s-his-name from Halt and Catch Fire?’ Turns out it wasn’t. Vasiliy Fet is portrayed by Kevin Durand, whereas Joe MacMillan is portrayed by Lee Pace. There is some similarity though. Must be a bushy-eyebrow thing… 😉

Eben Upton / Jason Statham

When I saw this article about the Raspberry Pi 2 in Business Insider I immediately thought: Isn’t that Jason Statham? Turns out that it’s actually Eben Upton, the head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They’re most likely not related, but there’s a definite similarity between the two. 😎

Andrew Lloyd Webber / Austin Powers

This afternoon I came by accident across another couple which was perhaps separated at birth: The Rt. Hon. Andrew Lloyd Webber and… Austin Powers! Andrew Lloyd Webber is of course known from his various compositions for musical theatre. Austin Powers, on the other hand, mostly as a spy who likes… shagging! How I came to …

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John Travolta / Logan Huffman

As I was watching a couple of episodes of V (2009)tonight it occurred to me that Logan Huffman kept reminding me of (a young) John Travolta. They share the same look, and especially their smile/grin is very similar, I think. What is your opinion? Is John Travolta perhaps the real father of Logan? 😉

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