Oct 042010

Curious whether you’re popular online? Want to increase your network?
Well, nowadays the ways to go are Twitter & Facebook, so your first step would be creating a account & profile on both.
(I’ve done this ages ago. My account on Facebook I created when a friend invited me. I do not recall who got me to create my account on Twitter though…).

Now we’re several years later, and currently I have… lemme check… 55 followers on Twitter, while I follow 79 people.
‘Hold on…’, you might say, ‘you are followed by less people than you follow yourself!’. That is 100% correct. Some of the people I follow will probably never, ever follow me, simply because they do not know me at all and can impossibly follow all the people who follow them.
Examples of these (in my case) would be The Dutch Royal House, Richard Dean Anderson, and John Cleese.
(It’s not the point of Twitter anyway. The idea is that you follow people who have (in your opinion) interesting things to say, not simply because they are your friends. That you do on Facebook.)
Twitter and Facebook are also a bit different in who and how you can add. On Twitter you can follow anyone you like, whereas on Facebook you don’t get ‘linked’ until both sides have agreed on it.

So what is a good indication of gaining popularity/momentum on Twitter? Well, in my opinion that would be when people start following you who are total strangers to you to whom you are a total stranger. And then preferably not ones like Darren Williger, who follows a staggering 198,000 people! (Granted, for some reason he does in turn get followed by even more people…)
The followed by/following ratio is crucial. Good ones would be Levar Burton or the White House, both of which have more than 1,500,000 followers while they only follow 100 – 200 other people.
(I doubt either of those will ever follow me though…) 😉

How am I doing in all this, you may ask? Well, you must have noticed the Facebook-box on the right of this article by now. It shows people who are on Facebook, and who either clicked on the like-button in the box, or who have indicated so on Facebook.
Until recently this box only contained some friends of mine, but a few days ago I began to notice some faces there of people who I do not know at all. A big step in the right direction, in my opinion!
A similar trend I noticed in my followers list on Twitter. There are now several people there who I do not know at all.

What more could I hope for? Well… How about a few celebs, liking this site and/or following me on Twitter…? 😎

[When I use the word like in connection with Facebook, it’s just the term they use]

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