Up! 8-)

Yup, after having been down for more than 1.5 days, the good folks at Powweb (after some gentle urging from my side) have revived my sites! 🙂 For whoever is interested, more info can be found in their forum.

Holiday time!

Yup, the first week of April I’ll be visiting the Netherlands, with Marianne & her parents. I’m looking forward to it already! I mean, Norway is a nice country, but nothing beats the Netherlands! 🙂 Oranje Boven! 😎

Uncle Evert!

Yup, it finally happened this afternoon around 1230: my sister Marijke has given birth to a healthy son of over 4 kgs. They named him Jerro. Congratulations to her and her partner John, the proud parents of ‘little’ Jerro! 😊

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